Snakes or monsters?

We wandered through the Little Missouri State Park this week.  An easy way to start getting in shape for hiking season. However, this time gave our imagination a jump-start, too. You never know what might jump out at you. This time, it wasn’t a mountain lion, but what was it?  

The Park opens May First.  Take a hike and find the monster head leering at you.


rock snake

Jutting out at hikers at the Little Missouri State Park is this rock formation that looks like a prehistoric snake, dinosaur or monster.

Or are they dinosaurs?

Near the snake head rock, find a plateau of dinosaur eggs.  Or concretions.  You decide!


badlands dinosaur eggs concretions

Near the prehistoric snake head rock, are these concretions. Or are they dinosaur eggs?


It’s hiking season, a chance to find your own snake head or dinosaur eggs. So, here are tips on what to wear.

What makes the Badlands so rugged?

Here is more information on the Little Missouri State Park north of Killdeer.

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