Railroad and Cattle

You can credit the grasslands for changes to Killdeer Main Street. Topography, vegetation, and the commerce that followed are credited with building Killdeer.  The first buildings were moved to town from Dunn Center 100 years ago. A new rail line from Mandan to Killdeer brought commerce to town. An access to the markets for abundant small grain crops and cattle prompted ranching and farming to flourish in those early days.

Killdeer Main Street grew, and burned up, then grew again.  A grain elevator marked the end of the Mandan to Killdeer rail line until it burned up.

Killdeer Main Street

Main Street Killdeer probably about 1917.
Institute for Regional Studies, NDSU, Fargo (rs006654)

Killdeer Main Street May 2018


Several other fires consumed portions of Killdeer’s Main street.





























Today, it’s a robust oil economy that has brought the most recent upgrades to Killdeer’s Main Street. 

Yet, standing through it all is the Buckskin saloon and dining room.  You can see it up there on the right side of the historic photo and the recent photo.

Killdeer Main Street

The brickwork is a solid piece of 1917 craftsmanship

Killdeer Main Street

Prime Rib sandwich from the Buckskin in Killdeer.

killdeer Main street

Friendly and professional, the chef at the Buckskin makes the food right!

Killdeer is on a growth curve, so you can expect Killdeer Main Street to continue it’s “Then and Now” changes. Less wood. Better fire protection.

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Snapshot Saturday, the NEW Killdeer rodeo grounds preserve its distinguishing quality — hillside viewing.  It’s under construction now but will be ready for the Fourth of July Killdeer Roundup.  It’s always had that hillside” appeal. 

“Then and Now” runs each Thursday here on Beautiful Badlands ND.  


Elbowoods church

Fairview and Snowden Bridges

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Up the road is the most rugged region of North Dakota, the Little Missouri State Park.