Badlands Water

This seemed to be the week to see the Badlands in a different way. Instead of the maze of bluffs, hills, and valleys, the far western end of Lake Sakakawea meets the Badlands. (Well, more exactly, the lake covers all but the highest points of the Badlands.)  You’ll have to get off the beaten path and go down some gravel roads. But you’ll find scenery and wildlife that you would otherwise miss.

Little Missouri Recreation Area

North of Dunn Center a popular recreation area of the 1960’s lays at the bottom of this hill. It’s about to be revived as we found out.  That story is coming on Monday.

Badlands Lake Sakakawea

Above Charging Eagle Bay is some of the most stark contrasts of badlands water. The long gravel road down the hill, on switchbacks is one of the most scenic drives we’ve found. We’ll be sharing more about Charging Eagle Bay, or Mosset Bay near Twin Buttes.

charging eagle bay badlands

An unused cattle corral must have an enticing fragrance to these vultures or turkey buzzards.

This week, we wrote about hot weather hiking.  Just because the temperatures are high, does not mean you have to stay indoors.  If you practice the 7 tips we listed, you can enjoy the green of the Badlands.

summit trail

Summit Trail is closed, but you can make your way across the grasslands to make up your own trail.

If you’re ready to capture this unusual green of the Badlands, a color that usually disappears by the first part of July, then, here are some ideas of how to take your best shot.

You can stay in your car and still get some great photo ops on Highway 22.

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