It’s been a few years since it’s been this green in the Badlands — and it must be satisfying for the bison grazing in the grass.  The last couple years have been tinder dry but not this year.  Grasslands have recovered.

Since it’s been a few days since the last rain, trail conditions are excellent in the north unit of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  The green grass and contented bison grazing make this an excellent time to visit the north unit.  I like this short video because I love to hear meadowlarks sing.

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It looks like there could be some rain this week, but toward the weekend, things dry off a bit so it will again be a good time to at least drive through the park to watch bison grazing — or even better get out and do some exploring on foot.

Have you climbed around the cannonball concretions?  It boggles the mind to climb around these oversize marbles.

Cannonball concretions are a popular oddity at the north unit of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Our Things to Do page (click here) shows several events next weekend, June 11 and 12 all within a short distance from Watford City. That means even with high gas prices, you won’t spend a fortune driving around the region.  Make Watford City your hub. With 700 hotel rooms, the town is ready for you.

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