Killdeer, North Dakota boasts great coffee and good food!

Turn north off of Highway 200 as it intersects Highway 22 in western North Dakota and you’ll come across darned good coffee shops and eateries .

Head to Cowboy Coffee in Killdeer

A quick social media search for coffee and food in Killdeer, North Dakota yielded a surprise for us recently, as we headed west on highway 200, Sidney, Montana our first destination.   After a stop at the Mondak Heritage Center there, we planned to spend a good portion of the day exploring the Snowden Bridge and what remains of the ghost town of Mondak.  Later, we’d end up at the Long X Visitor Center in Watford City, North Dakota for pre-Halloween treats.  The surprise was Cowboy Coffee

Cowboy Coffee is easy to access, north of the Highway 200/22 roundabout in Killdeer, North Dakota.

Cowboy Coffee is on the south side of Killdeer, North Dakota, easy to find north of the Highway 200/22 roundabout. It’s right next to the 2 7/8 Bar and Grill. Plenty of turn around and parking room.

Easy to Find

Cowboy Coffee was new, and not recognized by some of the internet maps yet.  But it was easy to find!  It’s street address is: 355 Hwy 22, in Killdeer, North Dakota.   That translates into: north of the Highway 200/22 roundabout, right on Scenic Highway 22 heading into town.  The drive-thru building is just south of a favorite watering hole/eating establishment, the 2 7/8 Bar and Grill (otherwise known as The Pipe).  

Walk up or drive up to Cowboy Coffee in Killdeer, North Dakota.

Drive up or walk up to Cowboy Coffee in Killdeer, North Dakota. It’s located just south of the 2 7/8 Bar and Grill. Plenty of parking and turn around space for trucks.


Easy to Access

Of special note was that the driving and parking areas around the demure building are large, large enough to accomodate trucks.  Nice!  Park your rig, and walk on over!   

The Cowboy Coffee drive-thru in Killdeer, North Dakota is easy to access. Parking and turnaround areas are large.

The driving and parking area at Cowboy Coffee in Killdeer, North Dakota is large enough to accomodate trucks, and is convenient to access.

Quick and Friendly

We were greeted immediately after we stopped at the service window.   Lindsey, the owner, has a smile that’s contagious!   She explained that they are a ‘new kid on the block’ and haven’t been open long.  But her operation seemed well organized and efficient, even though it must still be going through some growing pains.  We learned that finding employees is a part of that, and so their business hours might change a bit from time to time.   Lindsey moved to Killdeer from the west coast, and that’s where she acquired her coffee/sweets/sandwich knowledge and skills (and some of the items she offers).   She did a mighty fine job of that, we’d say!

The menu of Cowboy Coffee in Killdeer, North Dakota provides great coffee choices, as well as other beverages and very good food!

The menu at Cowboy Coffee in Killdeer, North Dakota boasts a good selection of coffees (it’s very good coffee!) as well as other drinks and food items.


The menu is clearly posted on the side of the building.  It offers a good selection of beverages, and seems to be strategic in its limited food offerings.   Be careful!   Of special note is that some of the menu items might be larger than you’d expect!   I ordered a Bagel with Cream Cheese.   The bagel was the biggest I’d ever seen!   It was heavily covered with cream cheese, which was not just the average cream cheese spread from the local grocery store.  It was the real deal, and delicious!   I never did find a real ‘hole’ in that bagel, and I suspect there wasn’t one!  Good!  Because the taste of the bagel was so good, I’d hate to have missed out on any of it because of a hole!

Bagels at Cowboy Coffee in Killdeer, North Dakota are big, tasty, and satisfying!

The bagels at Cowboy Coffee in Killdeer, North Dakota aren’t just the usual grocery store bagels. They are huge! And they are flavorful!

Cowboy Coffee in Killdeer, North Dakota offers some mighty fine sweet treats!

Your sweet tooth will be happy that you stopped at Cowboy Coffee in Killdeer, North Dakota. The cookies are huge!

Sweets and Daily Specials

Sometimes what really hits the spot with a good cup of coffee (and yes, the coffee was Good and came with a chocolate covered coffee bean treat!) is something sweet.   We found plenty of choices in that category, and Mike’s was a Chocolate Chip Cookie.  It wasn’t just any cookie.  It was a Huge Cookie!   The taste was buttery, and it had plenty of chocolate chips.  Definitely, it was a thumbs up from us both, as it was big enough to share.

The cookies are huge at Cowboy Coffee in Killdeer, North Dakota. The taste? Excellent!

A cookie from Cowboy Coffee in Killdeer, North Dakota is big enough to satisfy an immense cookie craving…. and to share!

Make Cowboy Coffee A Stop

Our stop at Cowboy Coffee in Killdeer, North Dakota was quick, the service was extremely friendly, and the menu accommodated our wants.   We’ll be stopping by again to see what Lindsey has in store for a Daily Special.  Check out the Cowboy Coffee Facebook page for updates, and additional photos.   When you travel Scenic Highway 22, or traverse North Dakota on historic Highway 200, turn north at the roundabout and grab a cup of coffee.  It’ll be perfect for the road.

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