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An unexpected surprise is white table cloths and fine china and silver for formal dining in the cowboy town of Killdeer, North Dakota. It’s at the Buckhorn Bar and Grill, a must stop in that area.

Buckskin Bar and Grill Killdeer 

Classic!   According to Merriam Webster that would mean, “serving as a standard of excellence of recognized value; historically memorable”.    That does, indeed, describe the Buckskin Bar and Grill Killdeer, North Dakota.

Buckskin Saloon Killdeer

There has always been a bar in the cowboy town of Killdeer, North Dakota, the heart of rodeo country.

The Most Famous Restaurant in North Dakota 

After exploring the expansive vistas and the extensive history along Scenic Highway 22, investigating the Killdeer Mountain Battlefield site, and exploring the rugged buttes and valleys of Little Missouri State Park, a traveler gets mighty thirsty.  And mighty hungry.  And sometimes mighty hot.   Where does one go to cool off, rehydrate, eat a hearty meal, rest and reflect ?   One of our favorite places to do so is  billed as “the most famous restaurant in North Dakota”, the Buckskin Bar and Grill in Killdeer.  

cowboy culture history food Killdeer North Dakota Buckskin

You’ll go to the Buckskin Bar and Grill in Killdeer, North Dakota for food and drink the first time. Then you’ll discover astounding local history and cowboy culture that will make you want to come back again and again. Eat. Drink. Submerge yourself in the Real West.

Cowboy Country!

There is a nostalgic charm to be found as one drives through Killdeer, North Dakota, the largest town in Dunn County, and sees the facade of the Buckskin Bar and Grill.   It’s easy to imagine how things might have looked when Killdeer was founded in 1914 and was a center of regional cattle trade, built at the terminus of a the new Northern Pacific railroad line out of Mandan, North Dakota.   This was, and is, cowboy country at it’s best!  North Dakota’s oldest PRCA rodeo began there in 1922.  The event holds the distinction of being North Dakota’s oldest professional sporting event. Check out photos here. The Buckskin Bar and Grill furnishes important historical photographic evidence of the areas cowboy activities.  It’s walls are filled with row after row of photos, and numerous artifacts, invaluable to understanding the history of the area.  That, alone, makes the place a worthy destination.


It’s the Food!

The best reason to check out the Buckskin Bar and Grill is the food!  We’ve enjoyed an extensive variety of dishes there, and while it’s known for it’s steaks and prime rib, our favorite after a long, hot day of hiking and exploring is the classic Buffalo Burger.   The portion sizes are ample, the meat is excellent quality and it’s cooked to perfection.  The side of veggies is a perfect accompaniment, although the fries come in a close second.    The French Dip is another of our favorites.   We’ve sometimes chosen one of the Daily Specials, always good and served quickly!  Other specials often include Sunday All You Can Eat Crab Legs, Monday night Buffalo Wings, Tuesday Italian Night,  Wednesday lunch Indian Tacos,  Wednesday night BBQ Ribs, Thursday Made From Scratch Mexican……and more.   

Killdeer Main Street

Prime Rib sandwich from the Buckskin in Killdeer.

Friendly Service

We know we’re always welcome at the Buckskin.  It’s not just the cool, relaxing, interesting place that attracts us, it’s the friendly and accommodating and knowledgable people who work there which make us feel at home.  The service is top notch and you’ll find this is western hospitality at it’s finest!   

dancehall Buckskin Bar fine dining

A landmark historic building in Killdeer, North Dakota now marks the best Fine Dining in the area.

Let Us Know

Tell us about your experiences as you explore the highway 22/highway 200 area of North Dakota, and when you stop at the Buckskin Bar and Grill, tell them we sent you.   Let us know how you liked it!  


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