Saturday Snapshot

It’s tough not to go outside while social-distancing. Here’s one place that’s open for you to get out.  It could be why so many families are taking advantage of warm afternoons to do a little exploring and learning. Many families go to the Ice Caves.

The Ice Caves attracts families

family to the ice caves

Walking down to a lower level near the Ice Cave entrance in the aspen grove.

Fresh air and exercise are the perks of exploring North Dakota’s rugged geology. We were among the explorers – and happy to see how many people told us they took our recommendations to social-distance in the Badlands.

We visited with families from Williston, Watford City, and Dickinson who said they read about our recommendations.  It’s an easy exploration to drive to the Ice Caves parking lot.  At Grassy Butte, head north on Highway 85, turn west on McKenzie County Road #50, then south on Scairt Woman Road. 

Don’t be in a hurry. The drive is memorable.  It builds the excitement.

Once at the Ice Caves, stroll across the grasslands to where they drop abruptly in to the Badlands.

ledges above the ice caves

From the north, or the right in this image, the grasslands stop abruptly above the Ice Caves.


The Badlands have a lot to offer people even during social-isolation.  Here are five free ways to see the wonderful quality-of-life in Western North Dakota. 

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