pointing out a name on the Medora veterans wall

Pointing out a name of the Medora Veterans wall.


Veterans Memorials in the Badlands

It’s part of the cowboy culture — to volunteer and serve others in the U.S. Military.  One of the nation’s most famous veterans was a rancher and cowboy for a while who hung his hat in the Badlands — the same hat he wore charging up that San Juan hill in the Spanish American War.  

North Dakota Badlands cowboys are 100% patriotic and prepared to lay down their lives for the United States. 


In Killdeer, the rodeo features veterans and the impressive U.S. Flag like we showed you in this video.

Killdeer’s Dunn County Veterans Memorial is on the north edge of town.

It’s where this veterans memorial stands at the curve when you enter town from the south, right next to the High Plains Community Center.

In Stark County, this wall honors veterans.


Dickinson hosts this memorial plaza.


It is fitting that in the small towns dotting the Badlands, memorials to veterans take a prominent position, such as the new Veterans Memorial Park  in Watford City.  It is an example of how a small town patriotism leads to a big city monument.


Watford City recently completed its new Veterans Memorial Park, a large multi-level plaza.


People in North Dakota take no second place when it comes to remembering and honoring veterans. All year-long. Plan a trip to visit western North Dakota and in every small town you’ll find proof, along with these unforgettable attractions. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Badlands open year round?

Yes, the Theodore Roosevelt National Park is open year round, though if there is heavy snow, some of the scenic drive will be closed.

Outside of the park, the 150 x 50 mile terrain is ranch country, and is busy year round. Much of it is privately owned, but with a good U.S. Forest Service Map, you can identify public ground and trails.

Where can we go on a fall hike in the Badlands?

If you watch the weather, you can go anywhere that you would go in the summer.  Some of our favorite trails in fall include Summit, Bennett, Magpie, portions of the Maah Daah Hey and trails in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Are the Badlands dangerous?

It’s not a walk in the city park.  You are remote and isolated.  But with proper preparation, you can be safe.  Some people have asked us about spiders, bugs and snakes. When we told them they are present, they chose not to explore the Badlands.


Watford City, North Dakota The hub of attractions and things to do in Western North Dakota.

Watford City, North Dakota   The hub of all attractions and things to do in Western North Dakota.

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