Show, not just tell.

(A startling image above, isn’t it.  Innocent clean little blonde and those dirty pigs. Both drinking water.)

We sure did not expect anything this vibrant and entertaining when we decided to head to Amidon, North Dakota.  So, this Slope County Fair photoblog shows you a down-home authentic county fair in Amidon, The Slope County Fair at Amidon. (We are adding to the collection over here at this site,)

There are only 700 people in the entire county.

slope county fairgrounds

Spread out the population, one inhabitant gets 3 square miles per person..

I think all 700 people turned out to enjoy and likely work at the fair. They staffed food stands, the bounce houses, bean bag toss contests, rodeo events and the rib cookoff.

dad and kids slope countyfair


Families at the County Fair

Dads and kids were everywhere we looked.  They were leaning on the fence, or practicing roping.





Then, of course, there was the dad and son who tried wrestling a muddy and son muddy pig wrestling slope county fair



Muddy Pigs

Would you do this? 


Not just the father-son duo, but girls and boys from the area volunteered to get in the muck with a pig and try to convince it to go through a barrel.


two girls muddy pig wrestling slope county fair

Men’s Bikini Barrel Race

Then there were the equal opportunity Bikini Barrel Races.




bikini barrel race





mens bikini barrel race

Equal opportunity when bare-legged cowboys get in on the bikini barrel race.





Calf Roping at a Young Age

The kid that caught my attention was much better with his lasso than I’ll ever be.

Rib Time

And finally, smell the barbecue when these ribs were cooking all afternoon and the aroma drifted over the entire Slope County Fair at Amidon.  Rib cooking has become quite the popular event in Western ND and we’re looking forward to see how the event grows and how each community puts its own spin on ribs. 

ribs cook off slope county fair

The Rib Contest was a hit with hungry fair goers.


We’ll go back

We loved it and will return next year. Put it on your calendar for a unique, one-of-a-kind memory-maker. The Slope County Fair at Amidon, North Dakota is only one attraction to Slope County, and we’re set to dig out others for your next road trip.  It’s what we do.


Three County Fairs This Summer

It’s a new thing for us to attend county fairs in the Badlands of North Dakota, but we managed to hit three of them this summer. And then there were community events in Watford City and Killdeer such as these: McKenzie County and Dunn County

However, when it comes to energy and downhome authenticity, the Slope County Fair is unlike the rest. We’re putting it on next summer’s schedule and encourage you to do the same. Then you will see even more images in this photo gallery from Slope County.


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