God never gets tired

The knowledge of God’s largeness is humbling. As great as I find the Badlands, it was all created by God’s hand — and He is much larger than it all.

I’d be worn out if I tried to do anything like build even a little tiny sandbox portion of the Badlands. But not God. He doesn’t tire.

God has done it forever.

He will continue to do it forever.


Tozer quote achenbach trail sunset

From the top of Achenbach Trail, at the North Unit of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park near Watford City.


The hilltops are the best places to absorb the seemingly endless sculpture of the Badlands.  And the best time of day is either late in the day, or early when the sun is low.  That’s how it was when we topped the end of the Achenbach Trail at the North Unit of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  It was late in the day. The hills were showing off their evening gowns of blue while the spotlight of the sun disappeared in a golden glow.

It’s times like this when I gaze across the unending landscape of the North Dakota Badlands, without thinking, I sometimes just say out loud, “Wow, God!”

The immensity of God is beyond anything I can grasp. But then, if my finite mind could grasp God’s immensity, that would mean God has limits.  He has none.  In this life, I will never know how big and how powerful He really is.  His creation is perfect, without flaw.

However, both the details and the expanse of the Badlands prompt me to become aware of how greatly different God is from me. 

I get tired.  Often, I run out of energy.  I quit.  God does not.

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