A Shimmering River of Badlands Gold Beneath Our Feet! 

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The first day of fall, 2018! We searched for the best possible vantage point from which to observe the fall foliage color change in the badlands areas of western North Dakota on this late September day, knowing that clouds and rain were about to set in. Our quest was successful when we explored gravel roads in Billings and Golden Valley counties. After literally driving through the Little Missouri River (we were right in our assumption that there was a ford under that water!) we gained elevation and noticed ‘tracks’ up a steep embankment. Challenge accepted!  We slowly climbed the rocky embankment, and after we could drive no further, we hiked to the highest point for a picnic lunch. Here’s the view which rewarded us! Beneath us a herd of cattle slowly grazed, crossing the river several times. Mule deer drank from the river in the distance. The Maah Daah Hey Trail, with one of it’s river crossings, was in plain view. And when the sun peaked from between the clouds, a sea of gold shimmered at our feet!

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Here’s a tip on where to go this fall to get more than you bargained for in the North Dakota Badlands — rugged, beautiful, colorful.

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