Gramma Sharon’s (Williston, ND)

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It seems that every community has their local home town, home-cooking restaurant. You know the one, it’s not that potted fern popular franchise. It’s the one that was started by one of your neighbors and serves up its own recipes of deliciousness.

In Williston, it’s Gramma Sharon’s and if you’re from Williston, I bet you’ve eaten there at least once in its 29-year history. On one of our visits to Gramma Sharon’s we were reminded of what hometown dining used to be:

  • good food
  • home-cooked meals
  • low prices
  • efficient staff
  • good parking

One of the quality trademarks of local hometown, home-cooking is the friendliness of the staff. It seems like they’re always willing to stop and visit when they aren’t busy serving people. It’s a good way to learn about the town or the region. One of the wait staff with whom we visited is from Idaho. She had no complaints about moving to Williston and working at Gramma Sharon’s. “There are no jobs there. There is work here, the people are friendly, it still feels like a small town,” she said.

We went through the salad and taco bar. Twice. Meanwhile local farmers, truckers and families sprinkled themselves throughout the plentiful array of booths and tables. There is seating for 200, and a professional staff can handle the crowd. They do it on Sundays, their busiest day, when families come in before or after church.

Gramma Sharon’s used to be way out on the outskirts of town. Williston has grown up around it. You’ll find it on the west bypass of Hwy 2 and 85.

From their website, you’ll read this:
“Gramma Sharon’s restaurant was originally run by (Gramma) Sharon Blotsky and is now operated by Penny Blotsky Groth after Sharon’s retirement in 2006. One of their most popular features is the daily buffet and salad bar which is served 11 AM to 8 PM every day. It includes homemade soups and a variety of salads made fresh daily.”

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