Grassy Butte, North Dakota Church, Glowing From The Inside

Oh a frigid winter day a sense of warmth shines from the welcoming doors of this little country church in Grassy Butte, North Dakota as the sun begins to set.

The Warmth of the Church at Grassy Butte

Sometimes only one photo, one split second, is enough to convey multitude thoughts, feelings.  What additional pictures are painted in your mind when you view this historic and picturesque church in the quaint little ranching town of Grassy Butte, deep in the badlands of western North Dakota?    This beautiful church building no longer serves a congregation, but is a private residence. 

Where is your favorite little church?  What special memories does it evoke?


Longhorn how to shoot the badlandds

Sun on left shoulder provides a bit of contrast and texture to the longhorns at the North Unit of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park


Grassy Butte, Cowboy Town on the Long X Trail

Alongside busy US Highway 85, Grassy Butte remains a cowboy town, complete with a rodeo grounds.  Years and years ago Texas Longhorns were herded through this area, on the famous Long X Trail, which began in Texas and terminated not too many miles north, at the Little Missouri River.   There aren’t so many stores there anymore, but there are a couple local gathering spots for surrounding families and guests.  It’s a strong, friendly ranching community.

Texas Longhorns in North Dakota!  Thousands and thousands!   Read about that here:  Just Like Lonesome Dove!

And speaking of cowboys, there’s a new rodeo ground in this neighboring Cowboy Mecca!  These Cowboys Are Serious! 

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