Two lambs stand stand next to an adoring teenage girl cuddling one of their siblings.

It was hard for even the big kids to not want to get close the cute lambs on hand for the Easter Egg hunt













Even newborn lambs came out to play without fear.  

The kids and the spring lambs do this once a year.  


It is “community” the way it used to be — a couple dozen fun-loving children without digital devices at park, playing among themselves at the local playground. 





Dad takes his tot around the park for one of her first of many future exposures to the annual Grassy Butte Easter Egg hunt.



No fights, no crying. Plenty of laughing, well-behaved energetic activity. Very upbeat. 

It’s the annual Grassy Butte Easter Egg hunt.  Ranch families from the region bring their little ones to the park.  The kids in their boots, some with spurs descend like highly programmed vacuums to sweep up the mass of plastic easter eggs.  


They play on the teeter totters, merry go round and slides using up the candy-infused energy. 

Hard working, young families from a 20-mile radius bring their excited little kids to town every year for the annual Easter Egg hunt.






At least three generations of families including young mothers took a break from bottle-feeding their orphan calves.  They combined their efforts without trying to impress each other with their latest fashions or try to run down the mothers who are too busy ranching to make it to town.  No profilers, no posers just down to earth families.


What was the Easter Egg hunt like where you live?

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