Wow. Thanks. Haunted places in the Badlands That’s a timely question.  Maybe one of our readers can help with that.

The grave markers give you a hint of Fort Buford life then…and maybe now, too!


We have heard of three.  One is Fort Buford. In fact, you may want to check out the Fort Buford cemetery this weekend.  Saturday is the organized haunting…but don’t be afraid to check it out later.  It could be a bit frightful. We do know that from 1866 to 1870, 45 soldiers and civilians were killed. Some in battle with the local tribes,  19 by disease and six were murdered.  One of the most famous was George Fleury.  His accused murderer was convicted, then given a stay of execution by President Grover Cleveland. A second trail freed the accused and he returned to soldiering at the fort. 

The Williston Herald has the scoop on this weekend’s cemetery fright. Click here


A small bit of light from the end of the tunnel barely illuminates people coming in to the tunnel.

They say the tunnel is haunted, but all we saw were people (we think) that were several hundred yards behind us.


Another one is the Cartwright Tunnel. (It’s been getting a lot of press these days). Some say ghosts inhabit the tunnel.



faded photo of Wheelock sign

What mysteries lie in the Wheelock/Ray area? History tells a set of gruesome stories.

The other is the Wheelock/Ray area where a number of murders happened 100 years ago. At least two families killed by deranged madmen. 



You’ll be reading, and seeing, more about Wheelock soon!   Some say they’ve felt spirits there, some say they’ve seen ghosts!   Have you?????   

If you know of any haunted places — we’d love to hear about them! Just “comment.”