We’ve enjoyed sneaking around the Theodore Roosevelt National Park to capture images of wildlife this fall like big horn lambs

Summer, spring, fall or winter is a good time to see wildlife in the National Park.

One Big Yawn! A Lazy Spring Afternoon in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota

Feral horses roam freely in the south unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota.

The south unit includes a herd of wild horses scattered about the park.




Elk are often seen in the south unit.  Bison are found in both the north and south unit. 

Eating Green

If there is one critter prevalent throughout western North Dakota, it’s the prairie dog.

American Bison in the Badlands of North Dakota

Some visitors think they’re tame. They are not. But they will stand still as you slowly drive by and take their photo out the car window.


We like the north unit because it is smaller. The south unit allows lots of room to get out and get away from it all.


But if you want to go wildlife spotting, your best bet is the north unit where the animals are usually closer to the road and easier to find.


Kick back and browse animals in the Badlands

Our photo gallery of animals in the Badlands showcases many of the kinds of animals you can see in the Badlands — a good place to whet your appetite. And of course, a good place to go Christmas shopping.mother bison and calf

colt wild horse

One of the 2019 colts in of the Wild Horses in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

A spring big horn lamb in the north unit of the TRNP.

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