Metanoia  Restaurant

I’d seen mention of a new eatery, Metanoia, in Watford City, North Dakota, on social media.  When we made a swing through a few of our favorite towns in western North Dakota and eastern Montana early in October, the timing was perfect to give it a try.   We found it easily, located just west of the Roosevelt Inn & Suites on 2nd Avenue Southwest, known to most as Highway 85/200, as it leads west out of town.  

Look for Teddy Roosevelt.   Nearby, you'll find Metanoia Restaurant.

Teddy Roosevelt’s huge presence in Watford City at Roosevelt Inn & Suites provides a good landmark from which to locate Metanoia Restaurant.

Look for Metanoia Restaurant across the street from Metanoia Restaurant

The old GTA elevator in Watford City, North Dakota, is one of the landmarks which will help locate Metanoia Restaurant.











Metanoia Restaurant is a downscale, practical building.

The exterior of Metanoia Restaurant is simple and practical.

Mind, Body, Spirit

Pronounced ˌmedəˈnoiə/, the name is a Greek word involving transformation.  According to Wikipedia, In Classical Greek metanoia meant changing one’s mind about someone or something.

Change our mind about what?   We proceeded to find out!

The bright logo on the front door of Metanoia Restaurant captured our attention.

The logo on the front door of Metanoia Restaurant is a bright, sunny green. It’s open 7 days a week.

Simple, Practical Decor

The restaurant was open and felt fresh, clean. It was clean!  Its furnishings were very distinctive and worth note.  There are none other like them, as one of the owners (it’s a family run operation, by the way) constructed them.  Melanie, one of the staff and also a family member, informed us later that the booths are a work still in progress.  We look forward to observing their changes the next time we stop in .  

Practical booths and tables were made by one of the owners of Metanoia Restaurant.

Seating is plentiful in either booths or at tables at Metanoia Restaurant, and they are unique! Hand built by the owner, and so new they’re not quite finished.

Booths and tables at Metanoia Restaurant were constructed by the owner.

You won’t find tables and booths such as these at any other eatery. They were made by the owner.












Service With a Smile!

We were greeted almost immediately upon entering with a warm smile from Cheyenne, who was our server.   She offered us beverages and brought menus as soon as we chose our table and sat down.  Already our experience was positive.   But still, that ‘change of mind’ phrase suggested by the meaning of the name, Metanoia, did not make sense to us.   

The goal of this restaurant is to offer a change to typical cafe food. One of it's goals is to offer fresher, healthier menu choices.

After reading the heading of the menu, we began to understand the meaning of the name of the eatery. Change. Fresher, healthier food!

That ‘Change’ Thing

After we read the heading of the menu, we began to understand the meaning of the name, Metanoia.   The intent at this eatery is to provide fresher foods with fewer preservatives in a healthier way.   There are vegetarian, keto, and vegan options.  Organic, too.   

The menu at Metanoia is extensive!

The menu listings are extensive at Metanoia Restaurant in Watford City, North Dakota.

Metanoia Restaurant offers a variety of entrees with options for vegan, vegetarian, and keto.

Numerous entrees and variations, including vegan and vegetarian and keto are offered at Metanoia.

Keto, vegan, and vegetarian options are offered at Metanoia Restaurant in Watford City, North Dakota.

Menu options at Metanoia Restaurant accommodate keto, vegan, and vegetarian appetites.



Unique Choices

We opted for entrees we’d not seen other places.   Corned Beef Benedict??   I’m an Eggs Benedict aficionado of sorts, but I’d never tried it with corned beef.  So, that was my choice.   And Mike, with a hearty appetite?  Breakfast Taco!  How much protein can a flour tortilla hold?   A lot! 

How much can one tortilla encase?  A  lot!!

It takes a hearty appetite to eat this protein packed meal.

Corned Beef Benedict at Metanoia Restaurant

This version of Eggs Benedict is unique! Corned Beef!

The portions sizes were very generous.  The taste?    Delicious!   

And More……

In order to sample just a bit more of the menu, we got a To Go box for a portion of our entrees.    The dessert offerings were just too tempting!    We shared an order of  Smoked Maple Bourbon Pecan Ice Cream.   The verdict? Wow!   It definitely was large enough for two people.  The taste was out of this world, magnificent! 

Bourbon ice cream, maple ice cream, and smoked maple ice cream swirled together, topped by praline pecans!

An ice cream with a truly simple ingredient deck, consisting of bourbon ice cream, maple ice cream, and smoke maple ice cream swirled together in a perfect combination & complemented by praline pecans!

The Verdict Is…..

Eat at Metanoia!   The food choices are plentiful and very good.   The environment is very clean.   And the staff are some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet!   Cheyenne, smiling, definitely kept our coffee cups full as we dined, and Melanie spent time visiting with us about the beginnings of this unique and sure-to-be-outstanding restaurant in Watford City, as well as the goals and aspirations of the hard working family behind it.    We look forward to meeting the rest of the family when we go back to Metanoia!   

After your visit there, let us know what you think!   

Metanoia Restaurant is west of the Long X Visitor Center in Watford City, North Dakota.    Hours operation are 11:00 am – 10:00 pm seven days a week.   604 2nd Avenue SW, Watford City, North Dakota.   Call ahead to reserve for large parties.   701-444-2335

What Else?

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