Our day was filled with new sights and sounds when we attended the annual rendezvous at the Fort Union Trading Post in northwestern North Dakota.

Fort Union Trading Post, western North Dakota

Fort Union Trading Post in western North Dakota is a top attraction for families.

Re-enactment of a fur trader rendezvous brings people of all ages at Fort Union Historic Trading Post in western North Dakota.

The annual rendezvous at Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site brings together re-enactors of the fur trading era.









What we thought might be an afternoon departure from the Williston, North Dakota area turned into an evening departure.   We had prepared food for dinner at our home, but nearly four hours of driving would make that a midnight meal.   Hungry.   We were hungry!   We wanted to eat Now!



Little Missouri Grille   Watford City, North Dakota 


The Little Missouri Grille in Watford City, North Dakota can fill the hardiest appetite.

If you’ve a big appetite and want basic good food, go here!


We were in the mood for good, basic home cooking.   There was no doubt where we’d stop for our meal.  Little Missouri Grille, Watford City!  It’s a down home cafe which caters to those who like to eat good food and lots of it!  



Home Cooking! 

Little Missouri Grille in Watford City has been around for a long time.   That makes it a staple in western North Dakota.  For years locals have considered this restaurant one of the top choices for good food, extensive choices, and friendly and efficient service.   This is a place where hard working people go to eat, and you’ll see ranchers, truckers, and oil field workers along with families enjoying the good selection of entrees and sides.   Breakfast is served all day, and Prime Rib is a specialty.   We tried both! 

The Prime Rib is good! The queen cut is large, and the king cut is huge!

Our stop was timed perfectly! The dinner hour included Prime Rib, a Little Missouri Grille specialty!

The queen size cut of prime rib is large!

Prime rib is a specialty at Little Missouri Grille in Watford City, North Dakota














Seating Choices 

We chose to sit in a booth near the window, but there are several seating options available at Little Missouri Grille in Watford City, North Dakota. 

The seating at Little Missouri Grille is amble, and includes a large dining area separated from the area with booths.

There are several seating alternatives at Little Missouri Grille in Watford City, including table and booths.


The separate dining room at the Little Missouri Grille accommodates large crowds.

Along with the main seating area of the restaurant, you’ll find a large separate dining area.









Extensive Menu

The menu selections gave us lots of options!         

Almost any appetite will be satisfied with the menu at Little Missouri Grille in Watford City, North Dakota

The menu has many offerings.

The menu at Little Missouri Grille offers extensive selections.


We’re Going Back Again!

Not only did we like the meals we ordered, we liked the service, which was fast and very friendly,   In fact, it was Home Town Friendly.  We felt right at home!   And then, there’s the pie!    After our satisfying meals, we had to say no to the pie.   That means, we’ll be back, and probably for more than one or two pieces.  So many choices! 

The many types of pie is enticing!

We’re going back to try the pie! Oh, which one to choose!


Look for Little Missouri Grille along highway 85/200 in Watford City, west of the Long X Visitor Center.

The Little Missouri Grille is a cozy home town restaurant in Watford City, North Dakota.

Look for the Little Missouri Grille south of highways 85/200 in Watford City, North Dakota.


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