Snapshot Saturday

In Sidney, Richland County, Montana staff put up with dust, cold and noise 5 years ago to get this gorgeous architectural finished project. sidney montana richland county courthouseGold leaf adorns much of the detail, marble, and rich wood surround workers now, and they told us, they like it. Now.  Even if it was a challenge when the work was underway before the Centennial in 2014.  One of the workers told us that during construction, the heat was turned off so it could be replaced. It was the middle of winter.  People worked with their coats and gloves on.

sidney richland county courthouse

From the entrance, the first look at the courthouse interior is impressive.

Richland County Sidney

1928 Sidney and the Richland County Courthouse


From 1927 when it was build and 1928 when it was opened, the neo-classical styling of the Richland County Courthouse in Sidney stood above all buildings in the town except for the grain elevators a dozen blocks to the east.


Sidney and the Richland County Courthouse are perched exactly on the border between the Badlands and the Rangeland of Montana.

sidney richland county couthouse badlands

Even from the front lawn of the Richland County Courthouse, the Badlands to the east, are clearly visible rising above the Yellowstone River.

  Since it is tall enough, from the east-facing windows, visitors can see the west-facing bluffs of the Badlands along the Yellowstone River.



Snapshot Saturday is just a quick glance at some of the sites we’ve explored this week for Beautiful Badlands ND.

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