Here’s a good way to get out and do something you probably haven’t done since you were a kid — go fly a kite at the Kite Fest at Tobacco Gardens.

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The weather is cooperating and the crowds are headed to Tobacco Gardens to go fly a kite. The resort is a popular place to camp, picnic, or eat at the cafe. Events like the Kite Fest, coupled with pleasant temps, make it a pretty weekend for kite flying.

kite fest at tobacco gardens

The annual kite fest at this McKenzie County resort draws people from all over to see the big and little kites — and shop for whirly gigs.  They’re fascinating in this video:

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One of the best moments that attract kids every year is the rocket contest. They learn to make paper rockets, power up the launch system of compressed air, and then fire them off to see who’s rocket goes the farthest. We shot a little video of the rocket building:

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The kite fest at Tobacco Gardens includes vendors — with canned specialties to make your mouth water.

Even if you’re not flying a kite, the kite fest at Tobacco Gardens is a stress-relieving way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  Just walk around and enjoy the sun, and the fun.  Kids always seem to help make a smiling afternoon.

Now that we’re into June, there are a lot of activities each weekend such as fairs and rendezvous.

Have you checked out our “Things to Do” calendar?  It will help you plan your excursions so you’re not wasting expensive gasoline. Plan ahead.


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