Winter Landscapes are easy to miss when you stay sheltered. So, get in your car and enjoy the winter landscape beauty.

A late afternoon drive to Tobacco Gardens catches the lowering sun’s golden hour rays and deep shadows.

A low sun creates beautiful winter landscapes in the hills and valleys leading to the Badlands.

We started out at New Town, and got a good reminder of that gargantuan mile-long Four Bears Bridge.

winter landscape

The always beautiful, always impressive mile-long Four Bears Bridge.

We headed west on 23, then deeper into old country and 1806.

The hills reminded me of moguls on a challenging downhills ski run.

Along the way, we passed the historic church building that stands out as a reminder of the now gone town of Banks.

Banks church building northeast of Watford City

We hoped to see a village of ice houses and ice fishing activity. But there were very few, not nearly as many as on Lake Audubon or other smaller lakes.

So, we headed South.

Destination: Theodore Roosevelt National Park, south of Watford City.  We were just in time to catch the golden hour and a couple of good visuals you see only at this time of year.

winter landsacpe

But I get ahead of myself here.  I’ll show you that image tomorrow.  Battleship Butte and a full moon create an interesting winter landscape.  Leave us your email address up there in the subscription box and we’ll send you a note when a new blog is posted.  You’ll be the first to know!

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