Mesmerized, I gazed, looked and absorbed the landscape.  A perfect landscape. I would not improve it, even if I could. Which I cannot. 

It took time to make this scene I devoured.

A quick glance is cheating.  It took time to create, and it takes time to grasp.

I need to remember to be patient, to take time in my own life.

Perfection Little Missouri State Park North Dakota Badlands

From the Little Missouri State Park north of Killdeer.

Turn off of Highway 22, head east toward the Little Missouri State Park and you’ll drive parallel to the last of the Little Missouri River before it empties into the Missouri River.  This is some of the most rugged portions of North Dakota.  It’s still young enough to be “shape-shifting” as it is worn down by time and erosion.  Stop along that road and walk a few yards to the north and you’ll catch a moment in time as it molds Badlands perfection.

Like the humorous prayer goes: Lord, I want patience, and I want it right now.


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Here’s another thought — Plan!

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