You can Photograph History

One of the best places to collect images from the North Dakota Badlands is at the Fort Union Trading Post. Their annual gatherings are a photographers dream.  Every June is a collection of buckskinners, trappers and traders.  Have you considered taking your camera there to get images in black-and-white or another vintage look? This selection of snapshots gives you an idea of what you could see.

Or you can just view the entire set, (and shop for something for you or as a gift.)

black and white trader bearded man

A trader waits in his tent store for customers at Fort Union Trading Post.

buckskinner black and white bw

A buckskinner carries firewood back to his tent outside Fort Union Trading Post.

Fort Union Trading Post tents

A temporary town with stores and stories from buckskinners outside the Fort Union Trading Post.

Blacksmith vice at fort union trading post

Blacksmith’s vice sits idle.

Fort Union Trading Post, Fort Buford, Medora all give photographers a chance to practice their black and white skills when historic events are hosted.  Check the calendar to see what’s coming.

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