Boats and a Bull Snake

Mossett Bay

A drive through Mossett Bay to the boat dock is a drive through a quiet, well-kept collection of summer homes.


The boat dock is not busy, but a continual stream of boats came and went when we visited this week.mossett Bay


The rocky shoreline is a great habitat for snakes such as this bull snake Mary found.


The video she shot of the bull snake is here.

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Snakes are part of the life in the Badlands — even where the Badlands meet the water.


Further up the bay, at Little Missouri Bay Recreation Area, snake warning signs are posted.  In recent days, the water has risen in Sakakawea so that both the Little Missouri Recreation Area and Mossett Bay, or Charging Eagle Bay, are good for boat launching.

So, I guess it would be a good place for your next rattlesnake hunt.


For us, a little impromptu picnic on the rocky shoreline was quiet and warm.


We enjoyed watching the variety of boats come and go.Mossett bay

mossett Bay Mossett Bay

The Mossett family name is an historic name from the Three Affiliated Tribes. Years ago, the family ranched nearby here, raising beef for themselves and others.

When the government flooded their land, this became their last claim to their land.  It’s a gorgeous addition to the recreation opportunity along the shoreline in Dunn County.

This aerial (drone?) video provides a perspective of Mossett Bay and  the area around it. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Mossett Bay?

About 25 miles northwest of Halliday, North Dakota.

Is it also called Charging Eagle Bay?

Yes, both names are used.  The road to the bay is Mossett Road.

Is it a public use area, or do you have to live in the settlement?

It is open to public use. The boat dock is accessible to anyone from the public.