Our riding day began at Sunny's Family Restaurant in Sidney, Montana

One of the best ways to begin a riding day in Eastern Montana is to breakfast at Sunny’s Family Restaurant in Sidney. Great Food and Great People! Family!


Begin your adventure with breakfast at Sunny’s Family Restaurant 

For years we’d ridden and driven past the unpretentious storefront of Sunny’s Family Restaurant in Sidney, Montana when we passed through on our explorations of the many attractions of the area, including the Fairview and Snowden Bridges, the Cartwright Tunnel, Ft. Union, Ft. Buford, the Missouri Yellowstone River Confluence Center, the MonDak Heritage Center, Montana agates, and the great cross roads for riding eastern Montana (that’s a Wow!).   When we did finally take time to stop to check out what was behind the cheerful “Sunny’s Family Restaurant” sign, we were blown away! 



The menu from Sunny's Family Restaurant in Sidney, Montana

Sunny’s! The place is as bright and inviting as the menu. Sidney, Montana


Sunny, indeed! 

The building is unpretentious, almost nondescript, but with an attracting signage.  When we stepped into Sunny’s Family Restaurant in Sidney we were taken by surprise!  It was bright, Sunny! 

Home made goodies make people want to return to Sunny's.

The thought of another road trip to Sidney to sample the home made goodies crossed our minds.


The People 

 And the din!  The busyness and buzz of the cafe, which at first seemed small, was like walking into another world.  Though we had chosen to dine according to the ‘busy’ chart from our Google search, Sunny’s was nearly full and included  families of all sizes, young people, and older people. All walks of life were represented, from ranchers to athletes to new graduates to kids to elderly couples, and yes, even bikers.  Conversation.  There was a lot of it!  People were talking, to each other. This was not a cell phone prominent crowd!  



One pancake was more than enough to fuel me for our western adventures.

The serving sizes are generous at Sunny’s Family Restaurant, and the food is good!


And…..the People!

It was not only the happy patrons at Sunny’s which surprised and enthralled us, it was the happy staff!   No place had we experienced a restaurant in which the servers, with apparent positive attitudes (two employees were singing from time to time!), were so quick to connect with customers, and so knowledgeable about the menu.  It was obvious their goal was to serve their patrons, and they did it well!   There was a rhythm to their work which was keenly productive, and very noteworthy.  There was no fear of working hard here, and the owners and staff worked together harmoniously.    (How did he carry so many plates, in such an efficient manner, and with such grace!) 

The ownership and staff at Sunny's is top notch!  Knowledgeable.  Fast.  Courteous. Smiling!

The place was full when we arrived, but all tables were getting their food in a timely manner. The service is great!


The Food.


Home cooking at Sunny's Family Restaurant

The menu items at Sunny’s met our wants and needs as we began our day of adventure in beautiful Eastern Montana.

A portion of the menu at Sunny's Family Restaurant in Sidney, Montana

Sunny’s menu is basic, and the food is good.


The items on the menu suited our taste perfectly and we quickly ordered.  Our food arrived in a timely manner and was served with a smile.   



One of the best features of Sunny’s Family Restaurant is Family.  The name notes that, and you can feel it when you enter.   Upon visiting with some of the employees, we found the most frequent answer to our query, “Why do you work here?” was “Family!”    As customers, we felt that.   Sunny’s Family Restaurant is a Family Which Makes You Feel Welcomed.  


Take a break at Sunny's Family Restaurant in Sidney, Montana

Whether beginning an adventure, taking a break from a busy day, or sharing a cup of coffee with friends and family, Sunny’s Family Restaurant in Sidney is a good place to go.


Our Recommendation

Go there!   Eastern Montana is a hidden gem missed by many.   There’s a broad expanse in which to immerse yourself, and there are points of interest you might have to dig a bit to uncover.  To do so, stop by the Sidney Chamber of Commerce for suggestions and tons of information and maps !   And….eat at Sunny’s Family Restaurant for good food in a welcoming family atmosphere.   Just be prepared….for the good treatment you’ll receive there! 


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