An Error of Omission

I made an error of omission at the NDRA Finals Rodeo in Watford City.  It’s one of the many fun things to do using Watford City as a base camp, or hub spot.  So, hitting up the rodeo was a natural. What wasn’t a natural was my forgetfulness. (Or maybe it is natural. I can’t remember.)

This was right in town.  And it was a happy event. More fun images will be posted tomorrow.

We had the delightful opportunity to photograph people before the start of the rodeo. They were at the food stand and the other vendors.

Dad and Son

This fellow, however, sat apart from them with his son.

Have you ever seen a sweeter dad and infant son photo?

He sure snuggled into him the whole time and he sat pleasantly absorbing the moment.

Normally, I would have gotten his name so I could forward to him all the photos of the pair.

Free of course.

I got distracted and moved on. I omitted the opportunity to get his name and address.  Do you know him?

So, if you know who he is, introduce us so I can get these memorable photos to him for keeps.


Found Him!
Someone tipped off Jayce that I was looking for him. He emailed me and I’ll be sending him these images.  I remember him when he was in elementary school. I know his family. As a TV reporter, I visited their ranch often for stories.  



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