Coffee!  The Rush Espresso Has It!  

Exploring and adventuring in western North Dakota and eastern Montana is, without a doubt, one of our favorite things to do.   The beauty of the scenery is mesmerizing at times, rugged badlands and hundreds of thousands of acres of grasslands along with the historic Yellowstone and Missouri River Valleys.  Those travels often leave us with a desire for a a quick, but good, cup of coffee.   The Rush Espresso in Sidney, Montana has just that! 

North Dakota Badlands, Badlands of North Dakota, Little Missouri River, fall colors, yellow

The Little Missouri River cuts through the North Dakota Badlands. North of the historic Elkhorn Ranch, on either side cottonwood display fall colors of yellow.

It’s Convenient! 

We’ve been to The Rush Espresso a couple times.  Located at 1053 South Central Avenue, just south of the Sidney Area Chamber of Commerce (make sure you stop there…the best selection of travel maps you’ll find, Susan and Madina are fabulous hosts!) it’s easy to swing through as you continue your adventures in eastern Montana.  

Sidney, Montana, Area Chamber of Commerce is the authority about what to do in eastern Montana.

Sidney, Montana boasts a Chamber of Commerce which provides a wealth of information and maps of eastern Montana. The friendly staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful!


The Rush Espresso in Sidney, Montana has a wide selection of beverage choices.

The Rush Espresso in Sidney, Montana boasts a wide selection of coffee and related beverages.

What A Selection!

The folks at The Rush Espresso know their coffee. It’s good! In fact, word has it the coffee is roasted fresh, right in that area of Montana. We’ll have more about that in the future!  The list of beverage options is extensive!  

The bright yellow The Rush Espresso truck brings great coffee to you!

The Rush Espresso truck signals good coffee and assorted beverages !

The Rush Espresso On Wheels! 

The mobile version of The Rush Espresso is genius!  And noticeable!  We’ll sure be looking for it when we are out and about.   Contact The Rush Espresso if you’d like them to come your way….. who knows? 

The Rush Espresso can’t be missed when their mobile unit brings great coffee beverages to you!

When you see this yellow truck, you’ll know The Rush Espresso is ready to serve up many beverage options.

Support Local. 

No doubt about it, we prefer to support local business rather than big box entities when at all possible.   We hope you do just that when it comes to a coffee craving when you are in the Sidney, Montana area.  Check out The Rush Espresso, and let ya know what you think! 

The Rush Espresso drive-up is on Highway 200 on the south side of Sidney, Montana.

You’ll see The Rush Espresso building just south of the Sidney Chamber of Commerce Office.


Hungry for a good meal while you’re in eastern Montana?  You might try a favorite of locals for generations, Sunny’s!  Click here:  Great Food, Great Service in Sidney

Why go to the Sidney area in the first place?  

The nearby (haunted?) Snowden and Fairview Bridges and Cartwright Tunnel are worth the drive! 

The MonDak Heritage Center not only brings in astounding rotating art exhibits, it’s the premier guardian and authority of historical information about the area!  

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