New Killdeer Rodeo Grounds

Back to the tradition of 1923, set in the foothills of the Killdeer Mountains in North Dakota, the New Killdeer Rodeo Grounds are taking shape, readying for the annual July 4 rodeo event.


Next to the Killdeer Mountains

The last rodeo ever at the current Killdeer Rodeo grounds on the south side of Killdeer is May 20. The next event is at the New Killdeer Rodeo Grounds.  We stopped by the construction site to grab a couple shots and video of the work.

New Killdeer Rodeo Grounds

A scraper at work on the south side of the Killdeer Mountains with material and equipment in the staging area nearby.


New Killdeer Rodeo Grounds 

The new grounds are straight west of town on the Highway 22 bypass.  When the Killdeer Mountain Roundup moved to Killdeer from near Oakdale, the “in town” grounds were not quite in town, but on the edge of town.  Killdeer has grown and is squeezing the historic facility.  Now the rodeo is moving and will be in a similar environment as was the original rodeo grounds 95 years ago.


New Killdeer Rodeo Grounds

A New Killdeer Mountain Rodeo Grounds is taking shape as the annual July 4 Killdeer Mountain Roundup Rodeo 2018 approaches.


So, in keeping with the hillside identity of the historic grounds, another hillside will provide picnic and seating area in time for the 2018 Roundup the first week in July.


Check out this video to see construction of the new Killdeer Roundup Rodeo Grounds:

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Here’s what you need to know to be at the last event to honor the Killdeer Rodeo Grounds (1955-2018) in the town of Killdeer, North Dakota: 

Here’s what it looked like 50 years ago before moving to town.

Stay up to date on the New Killdeer Rodeo Grounds progress here at the Killdeer Saddle Club Facebook page.

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