Killdeer Mountain Scenery

It’s encouraging to see the number of people who echo our appreciation for the scenic drive up Highway 22 through the Badlands, past the Killdeer Mountains.  The series of stories seem to bring back many memories for people who have traveled the scenic route through the Badlands.  

The mid-section of the drive is the ancient landmark of the Killdeer Mountains, a battlefield between the U.S. Government and the Sioux Nation that began in southern Minnesota and escalated to a battle here.

Killdeer Mountain Dunn County

The contours of the prairies leading up to the Killdeer Mountains are well-suited for cowboys and cattle.

The Killdeer Mountains were a landmark for cattle drives when after months on the trails, herds of longhorn were brought here from Texas and New Mexico.  Only a rare longhorn can be seen in the Killdeer Mountains today. 

To enjoy the Killdeer Mountain scenery on your day trip through the Badlands, turn off Scenic Highway 22, follow the road signs, and loop around the mountains.  It will add an hour or two to your drive, but you will be rewarded with a landscape you cannot find anywhere else in North Dakota.

Road Trip!

Our series of stories began here.

The second installment that includes the Killdeer Mountains, Lost Bridge, and the Little Missouri State Park is here.

The third installment will be next week.  We just wanted to leave with you a couple of snapshots from our road trip that will entice you to take the scenic drive yourself.

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