National Park in the Winter

Since there hasn’t been much snow this winter, a visit to a national park in the winter isn’t at the top of many lists. But the scenic drives of both the North And South units of Theodore Roosevelt National Park are open. 

Acting Superintendent Angie Richman said, “It’s a beautiful season. Without leaves on the trees it’s easier to spot smaller animals such as porcupine.”  Or if you look closely you may see a magnificent mule deer with a bit of spread on the other side of the draw.

Peaceful Valley Ranch

Peaceful Valley Ranch work is done, for now. The yard is open, but the buildings’ interiors are still closed.  The park will work with an environmental education specialist this spring to set up opportunities and events that will showcase the entire Peaceful Valley Ranch — inside and out.

Bison at Peaceful Valley Ranch, Theodore Roosevelt National Park by Amy White

Bison at Peaceful Valley Ranch, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, by Amy White

The Park is Hiring

Richman said during this slow time of year, the park is advertising on national job boards for help this summer. She said anyone local who would like to work at the park should call either the north or south unit office.

No Snow at this National Park in Winter

The drought continues. Normally, this time of year, snowshoers and cross county skiers leave their tracks in the snow. But not this year. Richman said there hasn’t been anyone enjoying traditional winter sports.

There may be a gap in full access to the park in a month or so. When the frost goes out, and any snow that is on the ground begins to melt, it gets more than muddy in some places. It gets snot-slick. So beware!

But you don’t have to be muddy or beware of slopping when you go to one of these late winter events. We have the most comprehensive, most exhaustive calendar in the region. It’s our Things to Do Page. 

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Little Missouri Nature Trail Shelter, North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park