The rugged badlands meet the blue waters of Lake Sakakawea at Little Missouri Bay.

Not many places can one see such rugged badlands meet the peaceful blue waters of Lake Sakakawea. Little Missouri Bay north of Dunn Center is one of those places.

We Found Beauty!

We found some of the most beautiful areas of western North Dakota when we spent a day in Dunn County in search of Little Missouri Bay.  Recommended to us by many, and motivated by rumors that rejuvenation is on the horizon for this once well known recreation area, we did find the bay.  And it was beautiful!   Look for more about Little Missouri Bay soon!   This area is the gateway to the Twin Buttes Native American community farther north, and the history of old highway 8, the flooding of Elbowoods, and the relocation of the Four Bears Bridge is an important part of this region.  


Jodeo's Cafe in Halliday survives when many businesses did not.

In the once bustling main commercial area of Halliday, North Dakota, Jodeo’s is one of just a few businesses in existence.


Jodeo’s Cafe

Our road trip was a day-long affair. Though we’d come prepared with snacks and water, after the drive and hike along the Little Missouri Bay shoreline, we hungered for real food, and lots of it.  Several times we had stopped at a fine little cafe in Halliday, which was on our way home.   Jodeo’s.   Was it still there?  We hoped so!  

There's an old-fashioned quaintness to Jodeo's Cafe which make one feel welcomed.

Stepping into Jodeo’s Cafe may bring you back in time, if you remember lunch counters with stools, and cash registers near the front door.


Open Until 3:00

Two  thirty in the afternoon on a week day in central North Dakota is not rush hour for small town diners.   We thought perhaps Jodeo’s Cafe in Halliday might have closed at 2:00, catering to a breakfast and lunch crowd.   Almost the case!  We were glad to see another patron dining when we arrived.   Open until three!   We just made it!  Seems there had been a big rush of hungry diners during the noon hour.   Our timing was good, as we found a table easily.  Waitress Rachel, who quickly attended to our needs, assured us that the grill and kitchen would remain open for us.  And so it was!   Water and coffee was served pronto, and we began to study the extensive menu choices.  


Take your time looking through the menu at Jodeo's Cafe in Halliday.

The menu at Jodeo’s Cafe was surprisingly long!

Look closely at the menu at Jodeo's Cafe in Halliday.   You'll spot some specialty items!

The choices are plentiful at Jodeo’s Cafe.


What a Menu!

Variety is the name of the game at Jodeo’s Cafe.   You’ll find specialty items and dishes which look scrumptious!  Take special note of items like ‘Saari’ Mess.   There’s a definite Finnish influence on this menu!


You won't see the Jod'Ster Stacker or the Chad Topper any other place than Jodeo's Cafe.

Check out the Jod’Ster Stacker for Breakfast. Or the Chad Topper!

Where else can you find  "Saari Mess" ?   It's only at Jodeo's Cafe in Halliday.

Look for special items on Jodeo’s Cafe menu. “Saari” Mess, anyone??

Go to Jodeo's Cafe in Halliday for

A twist on a basic burger at Jodee’s Cafe turned out to be a great choice! The Egg ‘O Burger!

Don’t Forget the Basics!

We like trying basic foods to judge one eatery against the others.   Burgers, and burger variations, are always a good way to do that.   There were many versions of a classic hamburger at Jodeo’s Cafe, including Brisket Burgers and Idaho Cheeseburgers, and a Baconater!    The Egg ‘O Burger was my selection, with a baked potato on the side.   Great choice!   The ground beef patty was large (at least 1/3 pound), well cooked, and good tasting.   The egg which topped it was over-easy to perfection, the yolk just slightly runny, and still hot!   Cheese rounded out the burger toppings.   Thumbs up !!   I recommend it.  I wonder how those other variations of burgers taste, so we’ll go back to try more!  The potato, by the way, was pleasantly sweet and baked to perfection!   


Try a Jodeo Burger if you want a real..big...hamburger!  Jodeo's Cafe.

For a big appetite which appreciates a blending of flavors, Jodeo’s offers the Jodeo Burger!


Daily Specials!

The Daily special board caught our eye, and we were tempted to try the Jodeo Burger.  It’s a ‘Wow’ when it comes to a layering of ingredients, and size!  We decided to try it on a return visit, and since leaving, I’m a bit hungry for it!   That Philly Steak Sandwich looks good, also, and the option for double meat might be just the ticket for the hard working patrons which frequent Jodeo’s Cafe.   Hmmmm…… Shark Bites!  And the option of fish is impressive.   

More menu items!   Check the table signage at Jodeo's.

Check your table for additional menu items at Jodeo’s Cafe in Halliday.

Check your table for special menu items at Jodeo's Cafe in Halliday.

We found entrees in addition to those listed on the menu, which gave many dining options at Jodeo’s in Halliday.


Thumbs Up!

Our verdict for Jodeo’s Cafe in Halliday, North Dakota is definitely a Thumbs Up!   Dine at Jodeo’s Cafe in Halliday, North Dakota.   At Jodeo’s you will find friendly and efficient service.  In fact, you’ll be treated like one of the family.   The menu is extensive, especially for an eatery in such a small community, and the food is a basic good!   But, don’t let the size of the town restrict your expectations.  Jodeo’s attracts lots of locals, especially, from a large surrounding area, and it’s a place where ‘every body knows your name’.   Well, except for us.  But we’re working on that!