Tasty Tuesday!

Eat at the Past Time Club & Steakhouse for fine dining in southwestern North Dakota.

Sometimes the small towns which seem to offer nothing offer the most. Marmarth boasts fine dining! The Past Time Club & Steakhouse.


Tasty Tuesday!   We love to travel.  We love to hike.  We love to bike.  We love to EAT!    And so when we travel in our favorite area, western North Dakota and eastern Montana, we are constantly on the look out for Food!

Where do we go for the Best Fine Dining? 

Where should we go?

Sometimes the choices of eateries are obvious.  Small town, local cafes are a mainstay of most towns in the badlands and grasslands areas of North Dakota and Montana, and their food usually Rocks!   Often good food is found at one or two watering holes, some of which are not for adults only.   Think social gathering spot of the area, and good basic meals for hard working people and kids. 

Where do we go for the Best Burgers? 

All American Hamburger and Fries, sometimes the most satisfying meal after a day of exploration.

A fat, juicy hamburger and fries is sometimes the best choice after a day of exploration. Basic as it is, we consider it to be a mark of distinction as to the quality eateries.

Pizza, Anyone? 

We’ve savored good pizza through out our favorite areas of exploration.  Some are basic and oh, so good!  Others are exotic, with flavor combinations we’d never have suggested, but blend tastes brilliantly! 

Where’s the Best Pizza?   


Pizza at Stonehome Brew in Watford City is anything but standard.

You can expect more than standard fare as you investigate eateries in western North Dakota and eastern Montana. Stonehome Brew is expert at unique (and good!) flavor combinations.

How Sweet It Is! 

Best pies around might just might be at Four Corners Cafe in Fairfield, North Dakota

Does it get any better than the smell of fresh pies, just out of the oven, and fresh brewed coffee? Yup…..eating that very pie and drinking that very coffee! Four Corners Cafe on Highway 85 in Fairfield, North Dakota excels in this category!


When a cafe can serve scrumptious fresh pies (homemade crust and filling a requirement)  they get our immediate seal of approval!  Four Corners Cafe in Fairfield excels in all food, but especially desserts!    We are still waiting to try their Famous Carrot Cake.  It’s always sold out by the time we get there!   

Where should we go for Great Pie?   

Local Cafes!

Often breakfast is what we crave.  And that’s not only at breakfast time.  We appreciate the choice of breakfast all day and often find it at family-run cafes frequented by locals.   

Where will we find a hearty breakfast menu?  


When the pancakes are as big as the plate and the eggs and sausage fill a dinner plate, we dig in and eat!

When a hearty Breakfast hits the spot, no matter what time of day, we like to indulge!


Where Should We Eat?

We’re in need of advice!   Tell us about your favorite eateries, whether fine dining or quick convenience store. 

Where Should We Eat??


Discover the exploration which leads us to find fine dining in Marmarth, North Dakota.   Click here:  This Place Rocks!

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Sometimes great food is not found inside an eatery!   We loved the BBQ here:  BBQ and Bluegrass!

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