The best little bookstore in the West

Don’t let cabin fever get you down. Head to Medora!  


But wait!  It’s not tourist season. Most places are closed.  

Here’s one that is open year round. That means you can get out of the cabin and reduce your fever.

Cottonwood at the Western Edge Bookstore

It’s a popular place in the summer when groups such as the Cottonwood Blue Grass band played at the Western Edge Bookstore





The Western Edge Bookstore has books (duh), artwork like the scrimshaw made by Belfield artist Carol Priestly Magamoll and a selection of music to take with you. It is a warm,  comfortable and well-stocked store with an abundance of local, regional, and themed western history, lifestyle, and nature books.



What is there to do in the Dakotas and Montana this summer.  The Western Edge Bookstore has regional books to fuel your summer explorations. 

  • Photobooks encouraging you to places you will want to see.
  • Nature books helping you to know and understand the flora and fauna, the plants and animals of the west.
  • History books opening up the rich romanticism of the west.
  • Fiction books to give you sheer entertainment.
  • Biographies to straighten out just what is true and what is a myth.
    books on table

    On display at the Western Edge Bookstore is the popular story of Catherine Weldon, a portrait painter from 1890s who travels to Dakota to paint a portrait of Sitting Bull. Woman Walking Ahead is one of the biographies

Western Edge Bookstore

Western Edge Bookstore

Huge Variety

The store is well-stocked with North Dakota’s favorite cowboy author Louis L’Amour.  Zane Grey and Max Brand, are some of the most popular cowboy authors and they’re ready for you at the Western Edge.

Western Edge Bookstore retail area

Western Edge Bookstore, large, open retail area with a great selection of frontier and western-themed books.

Want to learn more about Native American history, and the Plains Tribes?  A large collection of Native American books is available, including the one I’m reading now about my adopted tribe, the Mandans.

Good guys and bad guys get equal billing at the Western Edge. So,  if you want to know more about either, just ask the smiling congenial man behind the counter, Doug.  He loves stories, and has plenty to share – we’ve posted several of his columns here on Beautiful Badlands ND. He has the stories on wolves, bison, and Theodore Roosevelt

Western Edge Bookstore and all of Medora are permanent, but the height of commercial trade is in the summer tourist months. 

It’s low key, friendly and local.  So, even if you don’t get to this Billings County Seat during the summer, you can still enjoy the community year round.

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