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Beautiful photographs are possible in the Badlands anytime the sun and sky cooperate.  However, we found some of the most memorable images take a little work like a climb. That’s what it took to get a close-up view of a Badlands landmark, the scoria Chimney Butte, south of Medora.  The scoria rock face is like a loosely stacked pile of pottery or brick.  Footholds and handholds are not always secure.  So, we looked for another way to get around the scoria rock face to the top.scoria rock climb

The attraction to get to the top was magnetic, even from a distance.

rainbow badlands scoria rock

Very Meaningful

Our reward was sublime. For more than 100 years the ranch country below Chimney Butte has been owned by the same family. So, not only is it picturesque, it’s historic.  All the more reason to make this a memorable climb.

scoria river bottom badlands scoria rock


It never fails. The best views are from the high points and Badlands landmarks. They always take a little work but they’re worth it. Whether it is Summit Trail, Boicourt Trail, or a random peak in the Badlands, go to the top to get the best views.

TIP: visit with the rangers at the visitor center at the entrance to the National Park at Medora, or south of Watford City to find a high point for great photographs.

Here’s a good place to view outstanding photographs of the Badlands, where you can browse and buy.

For a personal tour of the South Unit see the folks at Chasing Horses in Medora.


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