Quality of Life

Western North Dakota’s quality of life is amazing — and it won’t be a secret any longer. People across the U.S. are about to learn why we love it in the west.  That’s because travel bloggers and writers from as far as Oklahoma and Ohio and even Canada are coming to Medora this weekend. They will hone their craft, build stronger networks, and write about Medora, the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and the Badlands.

bloggers and writers will be at the Roughrider Hotel Medora

The secret is about to be told

Many people have remarked that the quality of life in Western North Dakota is one of the region’s best-kept secrets. That’s why it’s good news that, according to North Dakota Tourism officials, nearly 100 attendees are registered for the conference. Specifically, they’re coming from 15 states and one Canadian province. The wraps are about to be removed from that “best-kept secret.”

Where better to host such a conference than in an upscale old west hotel — the Rough Riders Hotel in downtown Medora. That’s where Bill Clevlen, author of 100 Things to Do in America Before You Die, will entertain, educate and inform the audience.

This is the second year for the Midwest Travel Writers and Bloggers to gather for a summer meeting. So, it’s pretty impressive that Medora, North Dakota was chosen as the meeting location.  bloggers and writers will experience quality of life from Medora

Of course, we’ll be there with Beautiful Badlands ND to host a tour to the Elkhorn Ranch Site, and to speak to the group about tips for getting off the beaten path for good photos. That describes the Badlands, doesn’t it: “Off the beaten path.”


Writers, bloggers, photographers, communities, come to Medora this weekend.  You’ll be glad you did.

bloggers will see Badlands valley medora elkhorn ranch

A trip to the Elkhorn Ranch is a trip through beautiful spring landscapes.

Here’s where you can get information to attend: Midwest Travel Network. 

Follow Beautiful Badlands ND on Facebook. It’s a clearinghouse of Western North Dakota quality of life,  travel and tour information from all sources. That’s where we’ll keep you up to date on this conference.

By the way, public speaking is one way we share the beauty of the Badlands.  Give us a shout. We’d be glad to speak to your group.

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