Go Back In Time 

There is a place in northwestern North Dakota where you become immersed in the era of Traders and Trappers and Mountain Men.   The experience can be like stepping into a time machine!  Fort Union Trading Post.   It was the most important trading post in the Upper Missouri River area from 1828 until 1867.  You can experience it at the annual rendezvous held there each June. 

Kids at the Potters Wheel


The potters wheel was a big attraction at the Fort Union Rendezvous.

One of the many demonstrations by artisans at the Fort Union Trading Post Rendezvous was that of throwing clay, using a potters wheel.

Fort Union Trading Post 

Each year the Fort Union Trading Post, a National Historic Site southwest of Williston, North Dakota, hosts a rendezvous which attracts re-enactors from across the country.  It attracts visitors, too, especially kids!   Our last trip to the fort left us not only with a great appreciation for the history of the area but smiles on our faces.   The most fun of the day was observing and interacting with the kids! 

Two Native American re-enactors converse at gates of Fort Union Trading Post

The annual rendezvous at Fort Union Trading Post in western North Dakota showcases the fur trading era.


Traders and Trappers and Mountain Men

Re-enactors demonstrate how the fort may have functioned in the 19th century.

Fort Union was the most important trading post on the Upper Missouri River between 1828 and 1867. The partial reconstruction of the fort attracts re-enactors from across the nation.

But wait!  There’s more!

Come back tomorrow (Monday) to Beautiful Badlands ND, get a sample of the annual Fort Union Trading Post Rendezvous held each June.




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Can’t make the visit yourself?  Take a photo tour of Fort Union and its events such as the black powder rifle demonstration:  www.mykuhls.com.

We’re honored to get the inside scoop of historic Fort Union from Ranger Fred McVaugh.

Nearby, almost walking distance is a second fort.  Did you know about the murders and suicides at Fort Buford?

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