Today is all I can control

2018 is gone. You can’t control anything about it anymore. It’s water over the dam.

2019 has not fully arrived, it’s too early to try to control the year. It’s water yet to come.

That leaves today. That is something you can control.  That’s a peaceful thought.  It helps stop my worrying about tomorrow.

water over the dam

The Little Missouri River courses through the Badlands and eventually feeds the Missouri River near Mandaree.  Along the way, both rivers pick up flow from tributaries such as the Cannonball River. At Mott, the little dam holds back some of the water, but much of the flow goes over the dam and threads its way through southwestern North Dakota to the Missouri River.

It’s mesmerizing to sit and watch the water run over the dam, carrying with it the things it picked up along the way, the debris, the silt, the sticks, twigs, and weeds from upstream.  They’re gone.

Have you ever sat on a creek bank or a river bank and just watched the flow? Whether it’s little seasonal runoff such as from Beaver Creek or large watersheds such as the Yellowstone flowing through the Badlands, once it is past a point along its travels it’s gone.  Just like time.

Water Over the Dam

Sometimes I get caught up in worries about what is coming, that hasn’t reached me yet.  Or I get hung up on what has already gone downstream in time.  I have to remind myself, the only thing I can control is today, the water that is here now.

It’s time to let go of 2018. It’s water over the dam.  I can’t do anything about what is coming with 2019, but I can do something about today.

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