Green Time

June means green in the Badlands and the National Grasslands. And with a full calendar of Badlands events, now is the time to enjoy what we’ve been missing.

badladns hils, lake, camper and green grass

A camper starts to set up at the Little Missouri Recreation Area on the upper reaches of Lake Sakakawea.

The other day, sitting on a hillside looking at the mouth of the Little Missouri River, we were taken with all the varieties of green.


Family Events

And with Badlands events like these in June, there’s plenty of reason to head out to see and enjoy kites, buckskinners, food trucks and powwows.

Make it a weekend – there are plenty of rooms – some 700 rooms available up north around Watford City, and an international variety of restaurants too!.

Our Plans

We plan to get to our favorite events in June:

June 3 – 5.     Food Truck Rodeo at the McKenzie County Fairgrounds

June 3 – 5.      Kite Festival at Tobacco Gardens

June 16 – 18.   McKenzie County Fair

June 16 – 19.   Fort Union Rendezvous

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

And of course we never spend a weekend or an afternoon in McKenzie County without taking at least a drive through the Theodore Roosevelt National Park or at best, a hike!  Especially when it is green.

As the sun sank lower towards the horizon on an early fall day, this bison almost took on a golden glow. A brilliant golden hour lit up the western edges of the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Our drive to Oxbow Overlook was peaceful, serene, and surprising . We found bison slowly lumbering along side our vehicle as we crept along. We observed big horn sheep on the hillside next to us. They mingled with the bison in peace. Read about the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park here: Purchase this photo here:

Never get closer than this if you want a selfie with a bison in it. We are about 500 yards from the beast at the Oxbow Overlook in the North Unit of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Then when July happens, there are even more Badlands events. It’s Rodeo time like at the famous Killdeer Mountain Roundup, or Powwow Time such as at the Little Shell Powwow on the Four Bears Peninsula.

Stay up To Date with Badlands Events

We keep you up to date on events in the North Dakota Badlands. Our “Things to Do” page is the most exhaustive and comprehensive calendar of Badlands events.


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