Boicourt Trail, don’t miss it

We highly recommend Boicourt Trail for a quiet place to contemplate the landscape.  Evenings are good to watch the landscape turn from green to gold, and to see the evening haze settle in.

Boicourt Trail

It’s an easy stroll to the end of the trail — if you are not afraid of heights.

It’s easy and rewarding 

Boicourt Trail is accessible to all and is only 3/4 mile long. The last section here is not as wide and even but is a great opportunity to get into an overlook spot for sunset.

From the end of May until the middle of June, the valley will display varying shades of green.  And if you sit a while, the swallows will provide an air show.  Often you’ll see bison in the distance as they graze the green.  Sometimes elk and wild horses will make an appearance in the valley below.

Since the scenic loop has a serious washout on the southern section, the only way to get here is a long way around. Hang a left to go past Peaceful Valley ranch, then keep following the road until you get to the right turn (east) that leads back around to the south. First, you will come past Boicourt Overlook.  Just a bit further is the parking area for Boicourt Trail.

Boicourt Trail

Rangers say this is one of their favorite spots to watch the sunset.  It’s one of the most easily accessed trails in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park south unit at Medora.

Where do you like to see the vast landscape at sunset? We’re always looking for more ideas.

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