Help those groaning trees by picking those luscious apples !

Some years the apple crop is so good, you can nearly hear the trees groaning as they bear their tremendous weight!


Apples. Pick some, please!

The seasons, they are a changing.   As the dog days of summer linger, the colors of the landscape change, including those of our gardens and orchards.  For many, that means Red!  And lots of it!   Apples.  A delectable delight, visually and in a culinary sense, beg to be picked.  Call the neighbors, post on Facebook.  Apples.  Come and get ’em!


Three apples just waiting to be picked!

A bumper crop of apples means pies, and jelly, and crips, and…….more!

Apple pie ready for the oven! Mary's Orchard Apple Pie!

Apple pie ready for the oven! Mary’s Orchard Apple Pie!


Might as Well Eat Them!

One way or another, those apples should be removed from the trees, and if they’ve fallen, from the ground.  Fresh apples are a treat on the northern plains, especially in the badlands and grasslands of western North Dakota and eastern Montana.   Varieties developed for these areas are now plentiful and included a variety of tastes and keeping qualities.    Check out a recent listing from North Dakota State University Extension Service:  

Consider these apple cultivars for the yard or orchards of the  badlands and grassland areas of western North Dakota and eastern Montana.

These apple cultivars show show an assortment of desirable characteristics, and are appropriate for hardiness zones 3 or 4.


Montana State University Extension Service provides added information about apples here:   Eat Apples! 


Check out these tips about apples from Montana State University

Basic information about apple selection and use is provided by Montana State University Extension Service.

What's better than apples fresh off the tree?

Check out these suggestions from Montana State University for the consumption of fresh apples. Yum!

Not all apples are all red!

An apple is not just an apple. It’s one of natures works of art, and comes in many color combinations, shapes, sizes, and tastes!

Mary's Orchard Apple Pies, fresh from the oven!

Mary’s Orchard Apple Pies, fresh from the oven!


Let Them Eat……. Pie!

Apple Pie.  It’s true Americana!   There are as many versions of apple pie as there are stars in the sky, or so it seems.  Everyone has their special pie crust recipe in which to encase their luscious concoction of apples and sweetener (ha!…sugar!)  and spices.   Check out these favorite recipes from well known North Dakota related food bloggers, Molly Yeh, and Jeni Eats


Molly Yeh

Molly Yeh is a world famous food blogger and tv personality.  Her recipes often harken to her farm life in North Dakota.  Here’s her take on Apple Pie from her website, my name is yeh.  Wow!   Click here:  Hawaij Apple Pie with Cardamom Whipped Cream


Molly Yeh's Hawaij Apple Pie with Cardamon Whipped Cream from her website: Photo shared from her Facebook page: Molly Yeh

Molly Yeh’s Hawaij Apple Pie with Cardamon Whipped Cream from her website:     Photo shared from her Facebook page: Molly Yeh


Jeni Eats 

Jeni Eats lived in North Dakota for awhile.  She loves to travel and explore culinary adventures.  She describes herself as a ‘semi-retired food blogger’.  Her take on Apple Pie is  A Post-Thanksgiving Apple Pie To Eat With Cheddar.  You’ll find that recipe on her website: Jeni Eats.

Apple Pie, from food blogger Jeni Eats. Photo from her blog, "Jeni Eats".

Apple Pie, from food blogger Jeni Eats. Photo from her blog, “Jeni Eats”.


North Dakota’s Windbreak Cookbook

Here’s one version of apple pie filling from The Windbreak Cookbook, an award winning publication from the North Dakota Extension Service and the North Dakota Forest Service.  downloadable here.  

Apple Pie Filling recipe from The Windbreak Cookbook, NDSU Extension Service.

One recipe among many featured in The Windbreak Cookbook published through the North Dakota State University Extension Service and the North Dakota Forestry Department is this Apple Pie Filling. There are many more!


Apple Crisp, Apple Chutney, Apple Tuna, Apple Waldorf……. apple everything!

Not all recipes incorporating apples include sugar!  Check out these healthy ways to use apples, courtesy the Montana State University Extension Service at Roosevelt County.

Apples work beautifully in salads! Try a Walforf!

Here’s a twist on traditional tuna salad sandwiches. Add Apples!

Apples make a great accompaniment to tuna in this sandwich filling recipe!

We want pie!

At the heart of the matter, though, is pie.  Apple Pie.   We’l like to give assorted recipes a try.   Have you one to share?  We’d love to give it a whirl!  Just comment or message us on our Facebook page Beautiful Badlands ND  or  on our blog post right here:  Apples, Apples Everywhere!   Or, email us at:

Oh, the aroma and taste of freshly baked Apple Pie!

Apple pie fresh out of the oven, made with freshly picked apples!

But wait!! 

The question is, in our busy lives, where do you purchase an apple pie, or a slice of apple pie, that tastes as good as if you just took it fresh from the oven, made with apples picked from your own orchard??     We’re looking, and we need your help!   Where do we go, what cafe, coffee shop, eatery, restaurant?   Let us know!   We love to eat,  and write food reviews!   

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