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Flowers spilling over the window boxes told us that this was no ordinary coffee stop!


A leisurely spring drive in eastern Montana along scenic Highway 16 was much overdue after a long winter and a cold start to spring.  Rights of passage for the season were taking place, and it was our goal to photograph them.   

The sight of new green grass, check.  The discovery of wild purple Pasque flowers, check.  The excitement of  ‘The Snag’, check.  (That would be in regards to the ugliest living fish, the Paddlefish, by the way, and that’s a whole ‘nother story!)   The collecting of beautiful Yellowstone River agates, check.    Picnicking under bright blue summer skies accented by white puffy clouds, check.

Then, we found it!   The remainder of what we needed to make our spring excursion complete.   Coffee.  Good coffee! 

All that the Bloom offers can be found when you click right here to get to their website.

flowers, greenhouse, coffeeshop, eatery, coffee

From the exterior, this looked like our kinda place!

flowers, coffee, eatery, greenhouse, flowers, coffeeshop, Bloom, BeautifulBadlandsND

The eatery offers several boards of culinary possibilities, even breakfast! They open at 6:30 am. and closes at 4 p.m.









Yes, the coffee is good!

Not only did we find extremely satisfying brew,  we found it in an unexpected, beautiful, relaxing setting!   Brightly blooming colorful, fragrant flowers glistened as sunlight filtered through the glass of an historic greenhouse through which we roamed as our coffee brewed.  A lunch counter offered simple and wholesome choices, and a neighborly, upbeat staff topped off our day of exploration in eastern Montana, on the edge of beautiful badlands. 


greenhouse, Glendive, Bloom, flowers, coffeeshop, eatery, Montana, BeautifulBadlandsND

The greenhouse adjacent to the Bloom Coffeehouse & Eatery is exquisite! And quite historic!


The eatery offers several boards of culinary possibilities, even breakfast! They open at 6:30 am.

Go there.   Sip great coffee.   Enjoy a pleasant breakfast or lunch.   Spend time in the greenhouse.  Smell.   Breathe deeply.   

And ask for Scott, the owner.   He’s got a great story to tell, one of history, hard work, and success.   You’ll appreciate it all, and more, at Bloom, in Glendive, Montana. 


flowers, greenhouse, Glendive, coffee, coffeeshop, eatery, BeautifulBadlandsND

The leaves are sometimes as colorful as the flowers!

flowers, Glendive, greenhouse, Montana, coffee, coffeeshop, BeautifulBadlandsND

It’s difficult in one walk-through to take it all in….the scents, the colors, the patterns.

flowers, greenhouse, Glendive, Bloom, coffee, coffeeshop, BeautifulBadlandsND

Wherever you look, patterns of bright colors!










Click the video to see the span of the greenhouse

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