Privacy and Policy

Privacy Policy

Hey there!  Glad you stopped by to check out our stories and photos of an incredible region of North America, the North Dakota Badlands. Let’s go!…but first, here’s the legal stuff some Gov’mints across the big pond in Europe say we need to tell you.   Since you are here, I guess that means you like us and you are okay with this policy.

Did you know you were here?

In case you didn’t know when you tapped in to Beautiful Badlands ND, our website address is  Duh!  You know what they say on your first day of class, “if this isn’t the class you signed up for, you should leave now.”  So, is our site what you wanted to visit?  Stick around.  We like to have you.  (Do they still announce that on airplanes before you take off? Do they still make sure you don’t go to Portland, Maine when you wanted to go to Portland, North Dakota?)

Hall Monitors

We like to know what we have here is stuff that you like. So we hired an attendance checker who stands over there by the front door.  No, not the big burly guy with biceps the size of my thighs.  That other puny guy with glasses and a pocket protector we call Google Analytics.  He takes attendance for us when you come in the door.  Mostly he just likes to know what city you’re from and how long you stuck around when you came here.  Did you check out some of our other rooms we call “pages?”  He takes note of that, too.  Oh, and if you sit a spell on some of our furniture called “posts,” he notes that, too.  (Yeah, posts for furniture, we know.  It’s a cowboy thing.)

That big guy? Well, he’s here to make sure you are not here to spam us. So, if you leave some yucky saying on the bathroom wall that he thinks is “spam,” you’ll have to deal with him.  He’ll probably kick you out, but he’s nice about it. We promise.

Don’t use lipstick.

If what you write on the wall is clever, honest, or cool, we’ll keep it.  Just don’t write it with lipstick because if you do, you’ll meet the big guy. He hates messes.

If it’s good stuff you write here, we hope you do it again.  We love hearing about your kids, your grandparents and your second, third or fourth cousins many times removed.  History?  We love it so if you and your kin have generations connected to this area – so go ahead and tell us all about them. (We told the big guy at the door it’s okay if you want to tell us about your great-grandfather’s moonshine still.)

We’ll help you remember

We’ll make it easy for you to keep commenting.  We’ll save your name and other stuff so you don’t have to keep writing that every time you have something ingenious to ask or tell us.  We know what it’s like to forget stuff.  We don’t always remember our name either, so that’s kinda cool that we get this website to do it for us with cookies.

We won’t tell anyone you have been here

We don’t want to get you in trouble with your sweetie if you come here to get ideas for your next romantic getaway.  So, your secret is safe with us.  We don’t tell anyone.  Our lips are sealed and we will not share your info with anyone.  Really!  We do not kiss and tell!

If you click an ad on one of our sponsors and go to their site, we promise we won’t get jealous, In fact, the big guy and Google nerd can’t do much over there. You’re on your own over there.

We really, really, really like to see you here. We’re kinda weird. When we find something good, like the Beautiful Badlands, we don’t want to be stingy. We share. With you!  Thanks for stopping by.

Oh oh. You didn’t really mean to take something without paying did you?

Oh, one more than, that big guy with the tree-trunk biceps?  He and some of his buddies in black suits with night-vision goggles will drop in on you if you use this website for nefarious, crooked, underhanded, and sneaky things that are against the law.  But you wouldn’t do that, would you?  I mean, after all, you do know this is copyrighted, right?

 Whew!  Got that outta the way.  You’re safe now.

Okay, now back to what you came here for.