Storm Clouds and Great Food!

After a long day of hiking on one of the highest points in the state of North Dakota and chasing storm clouds across more than a hundred miles of backroads, we were hungry!   Though when we go on extended explorations we always carry an ample supply of water and food ‘for the road’, there comes a time in the day when a hot meal is in order!   Thus, we sought out the most highly recommended eatery in southwestern North Dakota, according to locals.    

Belfield main street storm clouds

Belfield Main Street after the storm clouds passed.


Burly’s Roughrider Bar & Steakhouse

Knowing we’d be putting in a long day as we sought photographs and content for Beautiful Badlands ND in Stark, Billings, Golden Valley, Slope, and Bowman Counties we poled our readers in advance to see where we might end our day.   We’d need a cool place to relax and rehydrate and refuel.   Without a doubt the overwhelming choice was Burly’s Roughrider Bar & Steakhouse in Belfield, North Dakota. 

Burly's Roughrider is a very good choice if you want a friendly atmosphere and a wide variety of menu choices.

Take time to get off the major highways which intersect Belfield. Investigate it’s quaint main street business area and you’ll find Burly’s.



What a Welcome!

Our last visit to Roughrider Steakhouse in Belfield was several years ago after a similar long day of adventure, that time north of I – 94 in Billings and McKenzie Counties.   We remembered that the food was good and the atmosphere welcoming.   Since then changes have been made at Roughrider.  For one, it’s name!   New ownership dictated the addition of ‘Burly’s’ after Nathan Dutchak, a trained chef, purchased the eatery recently.  And it’s not only the name which changed!   The menu has been expanded, with new items added regularly.

Burly's Roughrider Bar & Steakhouse is an excellent choice!

The name has changed a bit, and the menu has expanded. New entrees added regularly!


Wow!  Friendly Service!

The first thing that ‘Wowed’ us on this visit was not only the attention we received nearly immediately after we sat at a table, but the warm reception we received.   Enter, Gabby!   If you anticipate an engaging server, knowledgable and cordial, and efficient, too,  that’s Gabby!   She knew the menu, had an answer to every question we asked, and took time to engage with us.  On top of that all, her Smile and Energy rocked!  

You'll find smiling faces and efficient service at Burly's!

One of the main draws of Burly’s Roughrider Bar & Steakhouse is the friendly atmosphere. No one epitomizes that more than Gabby!


Oh, That Menu! 

Small town local eateries often have limited menus; very good food, but very basic.  That’s ok, but what we found at Burly’s was much more than OK.  It was still another “Wow!”   Selections are much more than types of burgers and fries, although that is what we chose to sample ( Nate-n-ater and Wino Burger!).   Highly recommended to us was the Shrimp Alfredo (with home made Alfredo sauce).  Shrimp Scampi is on the menu, too!  Prime Rib is supreme according to many, and we look forward to trying it!   The seafood entrees are very appealing, and probably will be one of our choices next time we visit.  Appreciated too, was the Kids and Seniors options.  Yes, this is a family friendly establishment and on the evening we were there, attracted ages near 0 to near 90!   

The menu at Burly's Roughrider Bar & Steakhouse offers a selection of seafood and fish dishes.

It’s a delight to find a variety of seafood and fish at an eatery in western North Dakota.

The menu offers many options, including those geared for Kids and Seniors

It was good to see options for Kids and Seniors on the menu at Roughrider in Belfield.



And About Those Burgers!

We went with basic fare, Burgers.  But, not just any Burgers!  Fun on the menu at Burly’s Roughrider Bar & Steakhouse is variety!   It’s obvious the chef likes to experiment with taste combinations, and he’s come up with some good ones!    Highly recommended are our choices, the Nate O Nater and the Wino Burger!   Each comes with a choice of sides.  Again, we went with the basics, baked potato. 

Choose the Nate-n-ater for a big appetite which appreciates good taste!

The Nate-n-ater, named after owner/chef Nathan Dutchak, is good and it is filling!

Burly's boasts burgers, and lots of them!

Don’t expect the ordinary Burger at Burly’s!

Choose the Wino Burger for a unique burger experieince!

The taste of mushrooms sauteed in red wine gave this burger a distinguished , winning taste!

The Nate-n-ater was a hit at our dining table!

Here’s a burger that fits the heartiest appetite! It’s huge! And tastes great!


Go Here!

Did Burly’s Roughrider Bar & Steakhouse live up to its reputation according to reviews and recommendations we received?   Yes!  It exceeded our expectations!   With its superb menu, its friendly atmosphere, and its outstanding service, we state,  “Go Here!”  That’s exactly what we’ll do after another of our adventures in western North Dakota.   And after you do, drop us a line to tell us about your dining experience! 

storm clouds over the hill

Still in Golden Valley County, the storm clouds in Slope County look very close.


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