bison bull sleeping under the half moon on a warm december day

Bison Snoozing 

Warm December days are few and far between in North Dakota.  When the temperatures are above zero degrees, we feel gleeful.  When temperatures are above 40 degrees, we get out and move around!   That means explore and adventure for us, and one of our favorite places to do that is Theodore Roosevelt National Park in western North Dakota.   Just minutes off of Interstate 94, the south unit of the park, it’s adjacent to the cozy little cowboy town of Medora  and gives quick access into he heart of the rugged badlands!  Paved roads in the park make it a drive we take no matter the weather.   


bison buffalo sun sleeping

A dozing bison bull basks in the December sun on a west-facing hillside.

  On this sunny afternoon we spied this Big Guy, lounging in the sun on a west facing ledge of a tall butte.  He barely opened his eyes to look at us as we drove past.   He was the  definition of Contentment on a warm winter day!  

Our visit to the park was successful.  Not only did we encounter lots of wild life, we timed our hike perfectly to catch the golden hour, and the blue hour!   Read about that soon! 

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