Brew house restaurant in Sidney

After a long day riding on the curving, undulating roads of the badlands in western North Dakota, we descended into the Yellowstone River Valley of eastern Montana and on to one of our favorite towns, Sidney, Montana.   

Hungry and thirsty we were!   The Sidney Meadowlark Brewing and Eatery was our oasis!   Our motorcycles parked safely in front one of the town’s premier dining establishments, we made our way to the second level where a welcoming out door dining area awaited, and just in time for a spectacular sunset!  

An orange sunset over Sidney, Montana riding the badlands

The sunset view from the second floor outdoor dining area of the Meadowlark in Sidney, Montana. Brilliant!

Jess, a star of the wait staff and, confidentially, our favorite, greeted us with her sparkling smile, as she always does.   (If you want great service and an uplifting experience, ask for her, and tell her we sent you.)  In short order we were sipping our favorite micro brew, Orion which is a specialty at the Meadowlark and part of their Constellation series of brews.


  The list of appetizers met with our approval in short order, and with in what seemed just minutes, Jess set them before us.   And, WOW!  That pretzel, took us by surprise!   It was a bit bigger than we expected!   It was fresh out of the oven, and  was perfectly paired with a thick, hardy beer-cheese dip. 

The pretzels are big at the Meadowlark in Sidney, Montana!

When you order a pretzel at the Sidney Meadowlark, be prepared to eat!

Sidney Meadlowlark Sweet Potato Fries

Crispy Sweet Potato Fries and Orion brew hit the spot after a day of riding the badlands!

  A side of sweet-potato fries completed our late night snack.   The Meadowlark provided just what we needed after a day of riding the badlands.   Go to Sidney, Montana.   It’s full of history, western culture, and good cuisine, even giant pretzels! 

Click here to see Sidney Courthouse gold. 

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