Mud — It’s to Play in

Little Missouri River Mud

Often this time of year, the river is dried up. This year, there was enough mud to give everyone a chance to get dirty.

Yesterday’s trail riding kids are today’s Little Missouri River mud-playing kids.

The kids at the Trail Ride Family Bible Camp at the Little Missouri State Park get bussed to the Little Missouri River mud.

I’ll bet they’re wearing a select outfit, their most likely to never-get-clean-again clothes. Mom must be shaking her head when she sees this load of laundry.

It’s not very deep, just deep enough to duck down in to get the really good mud. So, they dive into the water, and roll in the mud. They’re below the “Lost Bridge” on Highway 22. It’s where they let loose with all their playful enthusiasm. And you know they’re going to be talking about it clear up into adulthood.

All That Energy

After a quick survey of the opportunities, they ran around and then dug in to the mud.

About 50 kids, all at once descended on the Little Missouri River mud, and you know, they surely scared away the fish. At least for the guy who had been fishing across the river.

But for a moment, this cat-fishing hole became a kids playground.

These are the same kids who just the day before were fully into cowboy mode riding the trails of the Little Missouri State Park. Little Missouri River Mud

It’s part of the annual Trail Ride Family Bible Camp. For more than 30 years, the Coombs family from Martin, North Dakota have hosted the weekend for kids.

Food, fellowship, Bible study, horseback riding and of course mud.  Those are the ingredients for a successful family camp.

The annual weekend in the Badlands wraps up on Sunday — but then comes the work. Cleaning up all those muddy clothes, and laughing about all the fun they had.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Little Missouri State Park?

It is about 22 miles north of Killdeer on Highway 22.

Where is the Little Missouri River?

It starts at Devils Tower, clips through Montana and South Dakota, enters North Dakota near Marmarth, north toward Watford City, then east to empty into the Missouri River between Mandaree and Killdeer.

Is the Little Missouri River good for fishing?

Some catfish are caught quite easily in some of the holes toward the mouth of the river, near the Missouri River.

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