How does Slope County, the least populated county in the state, put on such a big event?

It’s a community thing. Very authentic. The kind we like. And we have a few photos here to show you.

You won’t see a lot of food trucks and big vendors from out of the region. 4-H, FFA, churches and local groups will feed you with local flair.  It’s a it job for the county extension agent since it’s all about agriculture, farming and a rural way of life. 

Families and children feature big in the entire weekend.  Click here: Like this escape room, a problem-solving escape room

Or click here:


Daryl’s racing hogs will run the course when the crowd is ready.  Surprisingly, entries for contests such as pig wrestling are getting sign ups from the Facebook page.

Slope County Fair hosts unusual even like this bizarre contest you won’t find any where else.

Will they bring it back? Men’s bikini barrel racing. Or something else just as crazy?


Famous big little county

The population of the entire county is less than many people’s neighborhood — only about 700.  In fact in the entire U.S. there are only 19 less-populated counties.

Compare Slope County —  population is so sparse, it takes 3 square miles to host one person. Meanwhile in the state’s most populated county, Cass, every square mile hosts 106 people.

That’s what makes this a special event. It’s traditional, authentic, unsullied by big city glitz.  Everyone is hospitable and welcoming. 

Go ahead, talk to that cowboy across the table from you.

 He’ll be happy to visit.

So, how does it pull off a 3 day county fair? 

It’s a down home, authentic promise.  It’s bona fide local and authentic put on by the locals who see their kids as their gifts and prizes.  The 4-H and FFA contests show off the talents of their kids in things that matter like the care and development of the land and animals.

The big draw on Friday is the Ranch Rodeo. Entries were capped at 30, and it didn’t take long to fill the roster. That’s on Friday, and on Sunday is the NDRA rodeo.  Visitors can get up and close to this dirt-slinging, cowboy-bouncing event.

And if that’s not enough to head to the southwest this weekend, head on over the extreme corner of the state, along the Little Missouri River, right where it enters North Dakota, at Marmarth.

Head south to tour a backroad to Camp Crook,

or stay in Marmarth to watch your fill of motorcycles. It’s the annual bottoms’ up Motorcycle rally.

Bottoms Up Rally, elegant upscale accommodations at the bunkhouse beanery.


The road to the Burning Coal Vein parking area passes through the campground, across a cattle guard and up the hill.

The road to the Burning Coal Vein parking area passes through the campground, across a cattle guard and up the hill.

Or if you want peace and quiet, attach yourself to the start of the Maah Daah Hey trail right there by the Burning Coal Vein Campground.

The Burning Coal Vein area offers easy to access unsullied views.

Next week, we’ll show you what we found.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Slope County?

Slope county is in southwestern North Dakota on Highway 85 north of Bowman. It’s western boundary abuts to Montana.

Where is Amidon, the county seat of Slope County?

On Highway 85 between Bowman and Belfield.

Where is White Butte the tallest point in North Dakota?

amidon is the tallest point in North Dakota. It’s on private land, so the proper thing to do is ask permission to get to the top.  White Butte is six miles south of Amidon and three miles east of Highway 85.The summit is located within the boundaries of the Little Missouri National Grassland and is about 35 miles (56 km) south of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.