Back in black and white.

Yes, I’m back in black and white.
Not quite out of the sight

The textures and lines of the Badlands are part of the beauty and exotic charm of the region. Sometimes color is so impressive the texture and lines are less apparent.

Start in Medora

The Black and White photo safari in the Badlands starts at Medora.  A whole album of Medora black and white is possible, there is much to yield itself to the process.  The covered wagon is just one example

Medora covered wagon uncovered

Medora’s famous covered wagon — uncovered

long horn skull, wood siding, wagon wheel

Down the street, at night, a longhorn skull and a wagon wheel remind you this isn’t New York City.


Head out to the National Park

bison graze at the theodore roosevelt national park

The stars of the South Unit of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park — bison.

All winter, bison slowly move across the grassy plains. Sometimes, though, when the sun is warm, they pick a spot to go sunbathing.

grass and hills

The floor of the Badlands at the Theodore Roosevelt National Park is grassy, but the hills beyond promise a different texture.


Once on top of the hills, the never-ending variegated sculpture of the landscape seems endless.

Across the top of the Badlands.

The texture of the Badlands is apparent at a south-facing hill near Scoria Point in the South Unit of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Near Scoria Point.

A surprise find — just let it lay.  It’s nature.

b&w black and white

The rib cage of a long-eaten bison is uncovered when the snow melts from the top of a hill over Talkington Trail in the South Unit of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.


b&w black and white

b&w black and white








Of course, not all the land is black and white. You oughta see it during the “golden hour!

There are plenty of opportunities all winter to visit the South Unit of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park at Medora.  Here’s a suggestion, the little hike we took that got most of these images above. 

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