Fall colors by the Little Missouri River

This week, we took a little photo safari drive along the Little Missouri River from west of Grassy Butte, south to Camels Hump.  We started on the east side of the Little Missouri River, then found a low water level to cross over.  But that’s another story, yet to come.

North Dakota Badlands, Badlands of North Dakota, Little Missouri River, fall colors, yellow

The Little Missouri River cuts through the North Dakota Badlands. North of the historic Elkhorn Ranch, on either side cottonwood display fall colors of yellow.

A monoculture of cottonwoods lines the Little Missouri River in the North Dakota Badlands.  They are just coming into their peak yellow this week,  Elsewhere they are dispersed among the green of the conifers that are prolific in the North Dakota Badlands.

Little Missouri River, North Dakota Badlands, Badlands of North Dakota, yellow, fall colors

Yellow is the predominant color of fall along the Little Missouri River in the North Dakota Badlands. A few green trees are yet to catch up to the yellow.

Short time

There’s not much time left, this fall to see the changing colors.  They started turning a bit earlier than usual. In some places in the North Dakota Badlands, late summer drought stressed the trees and pushed them to their colors a little earlier.  There has been no killing frost, yet.  Aspens, a few ash, and cottonwoods create a uniform color this fall.

Tomorrow (Monday, September 24) we’ll give you four suggestions where you can see fall colors in the North Dakota Badlands this week.

Here’s a tip on where to go this fall to get more than you bargained for in the North Dakota Badlands — rugged, beautiful, colorful.

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